5 Benefits of CBD Subscriptions

5 Benefits of CBD Subscriptions

5 Benefits of CBD Subscriptions

Variety of CBD Subscription Products

With Eables CBD subscriptions – you can choose from CBD topicals like Eables Freeze Gel, or ingestible items like our CBD oil or hemp extract softgels. You can mix and match, all while saving 20%. Need Eables Freeze Gel once a month, and Eables Softgels for the whole family every two weeks? Subscribe and save 20% on every item, every time. 

Gifting CBD Subscriptions

CBD subscriptions make a great gift! If you are looking for the perfect gift for a friend or loved one we just added the ability to gift subscriptions. Simply select the checkbox in your cart labeled “this is a gift subscription.” After selecting, enter the recipients email address – your recipient will receive an email inviting them to create an eables.com account, where they will have the freedom to manage, pause, or suspend their subscription. You’ll be able to view this information in your eables.com account as well. 

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Eables CBD Gift Subscriptions

Set it and forget it – never miss a CBD delivery.

The best benefit of a discounted Eables CBD subscription is the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ll never run out of CBD. With one easy monthly delivery, Eables CBD for the moments when you need it most. 

Discount CBD

When Eables first launched we had a lot of customers who would end up waiting for a holiday or seasonal promotion or discount, while having run out of CBD! That’s why we launched our CBD subscriptions at 20% off. No more searching through endless emails for CBD discount codes! Receive a discount on every order with a CBD subscription rest assured your order is always discounted. 

Peace of Mind

Whether your CBD subscription is a gift for a friend or loved one, or a necessity for an elderly family member – Eables CBD subscriptions offer the peace of mind that you are receiving lab-tested products, right when you need them, at an unbeatable discount. 

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