How to Dose Eables CBD Oil

How to Dose CBD

When it comes to dosing Eables™ CBD, there is no hard and fast rule. Many of our customers that are managing severe pain find that our strongest product works well for them with a daily and nightly dose. Other customers have begun taking 1/4 dropper, and never stopped with that dosage.

It’s all about finding your “sweet spot” with the desired effects and dosage. Below is a dosing suggestion that we have found to work for the most customers.

As always, we recommend consulting your doctor or healthcare professional if you’re just starting out.

Week 1 – 1/4 dropper daily for 7 days
Week 2 – 1/2 dropper daily for 7 days
Week 3 – 3/4 dropper daily for 7 days
Week 4 – Full dropper daily

More does not necessarily mean better or more effective, and can have the opposite of the desired effect. If you feel your dose is too strong, drop your dose by 1/4 dropper each dose, and evaluate until your desired effect is reached.

Doses are to be taken once daily.

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